Volunteers help tidy up Petersfield Station

Recently volunteers from the Department for Transport lent a hand at Petersfield Station as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility duties.

Amidst light and then heavy rain showers 9 volunteers came out of their London office and really got their hands dirty by clearing grass, laying out wood chippings around planters and painting the Hub Information office.

As we worked a number of people came up to the planters which are filled with edible produce and picked the ripening crops! How gratifying! Also, armed with paintbrushes and rollers a couple of volunteers painted the Hub's porch in readiness for reopening this Wednesday 9 August.

It's amazing how much can be achieved through the input of a small group of people. The effect in the end was fantastic and much appreciated by the Partnership. From the point of views of the volunteers, they felt great achieving something good for the community and from a work perspective were able to see on the ground the work of the partnership.

Well done to all!